Our blog aims to give you more detailed information on different areas of fitness and nutrition, supporting you in and out of our gym space. Workout tips and recipes will have you feeling confident about your health and fitness progress, no matter your goals.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and weight Loss

19th February 2019

Research suggests that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is better for weight loss than a longer (1.5 hours) duration aerobic workout. When tested over a 4 week period, HIIT burns 28% more fat than aerobic longer duration activity.

10 myths about your diet

25th January 2019

Many people use this time of year to change some aspects of their health and we are not short of hearing about diet this and diet that…
The media bombards us with information about what to eat, when to eat, how much we should eat, how many times a day, so called bad foods, so called good foods; the list is endless, not to mention confusing.
So to help you wade through the mountain of information here are some facts to help you make a start.

The benefits of Small Group Personal Training

7th January 2019

If you are a Fit Friends member then both emotional therapy and physical personal training is within your membership and you can take advantage of it all as much as you like.

We currently have an incredible Fit Friends offer, .. The first 30 people to join us receives a 30% discount for life. £60 / month will ensure your optimal wellbeing. Additionally if you sign up in January then you will receive a further 50% off your first month (although with this 50% offer you are tied into a minimum of 3 months)

January Scales

18th December 2018

Want to lose weight after an indulgent Christmas? Try our fantastic 8 week weight loss programme. Includes up to 4 small group personal training sessions per week, kick start your nutritional plan with 7 free main meals, discuss a sustainable approach to weight loss with your dedicated personal trainer. Only 10 spaces, Only £149 – Grab your place now!

Festive Fitness – Seasonal Recipes

11th December 2018

Its tough cutting the calories at Christmas, but here are a couple of recipes that are kinder on the waist line..

Winter Warm Ups

7th December 2018

Feeling a bit achey in the cold? Give these Winter Warmups a go to get your blood moving and to warm you up!

Why wait until January to start a New You

27th November 2018

You might be justifying going crazy in December “because you’ll gym every day and cut out a bunch of foods” come January. Will you stick to this? No.

What you can stick to is the realisation that fitness should be a part of your daily life and part of your NORMAL. Not one week, month, or workout plan. It needs to be something fluid that can float alongside the fun extravagances that holidays can bring.

Cold Weather Motivation

13th November 2018

Getting enthusiastic about working out can be a challenge as the nights draw in and the weather gets colder. Fit Friends is ideal for improving motivation, working out with others, even if you don’t know your training partners provides accountability for you to turn up. Not to mention not letting down your personal trainer.