Fit Friends Memberships

Design your perfect wellbeing package starting from £5/month with “My Way” memberships.

We’re confident that you’ll find a wellbeing plan that meets your needs perfectly. Pick and mix your membership starting with on demand from only £5/month then bolt on which ever plan works for you.

Full Membership:

Full Membership

Grab our full membership and access it all for £95/month this is our complete wellbeing plan!

  • Unlimited studio small group sessions led by our personal trainer, only 4 people per group.
  • Weight-loss programme,
  • 6 counselling sessions per year,
  • online live sessions
  • and convenient on demand.
  • Free Heart rate arm band

or ‘My Way’ Membership:

On Demand (required)

Start with ‘On Demand’ and workout or find health information at your convenience:

  • Easy Access On Demand Online
  • 24/7
  • £5/month

Fit Body Plan

Bolt on our Fit Body Plan and just workout, includes small group studio sessions, 4 people max and led by our personal trainers and live online:

  • 5 Credits £35/month
  • 10 Credits £60/month
  • 15 Credits £75/month
  • Free Heart Rate Arm Band with 10 credits or above


Bolt on Counselling, our professional counsellor can work with you face to face, zoom online or by telephone:

  • 1 session £35 use with 1 month
  • 4 sessions £120 use within 3 months
  • 8 sessions £200 use within 6 months

Weight Movers

Bolt on ‘Weight Movers’ – join our WhatsApp group for 24/7 support, get a regular weigh-in, and statistical information. Book a 20 minute coaching session via zoom or telephone.

  • Great value at £20

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