Fit Friends... More Than Just A Gym

We pride ourselves on being different – our clients are all shapes, sizes, abilities and ages.

Located in the heart of Loughborough, FIT Friends’ fitness studio offers you so much more at a fraction of the cost. The modern, air-conditioned studio gym provides a comfortable, private and welcoming space for you to achieve your health & fitness goals.

The great news is that our studio gym is not open to the public – therefore we can guarantee that you will never have more than 3 others in any training session.

In these uncertain times of Covid 19, we have the space to be able to socially distance easily. No over-crowding. Never more than 7 people in the whole gym. Equipment is cleaned after every use and hand sanitiser and masks (if required) are readily available. We will also be checking everyone’s temperature before they enter and keeping detailed records for track and trace if needed. Your safety is our priority.

Fit Friends training sessions are guided by your own Personal Trainer, so it’s like 1:1 personal training, but at an affordable price.

Here at FIT Friends, there is no need to feel intimidated: we are all friends. You can train in a fun, sociable atmosphere, with other like-minded people; with support from our team who treat you as an individual and a friend.

Go on, we’re waiting to hear from you!
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FIT Friends Exclusive Studio Gym, Loughborough

Looking for a modern, exclusive studio gym in Loughborough town centre?

From our new studio gym home, we focus on Small Group training with a personal trainer, Emotional Wellbeing (Counselling with our professional counsellor) and weight loss. We provide a private consultation space where we can track your progress using detailed body composition analysis and we are also fully-equipped with changing rooms and a shower.

What makes us different?

At Fit Friends we understand that not all health and fitness goals are about getting fit and losing weight.

Our older adult friends are more likely to prioritise being able to get up from the floor, get out of the bath, dress with ease, play with grandchildren and generally enjoy life! Our programmes make a real difference to their physical function and ability to enjoy life.

You can train your body, calm your mind and feed your soul, whilst surrounded by other like-minded people and professionals who will very soon become friends too.

Fit Friends - Small Group Personal Training

Small group training (max of 4 people per group) with a personal trainer is a fun way to achieve your health and fitness goals. With 20 gym/studio sessions (and for your convenience, 8 online every week), there is something to suit everyone.

Our small group PT sessions range in challenge levels.

  • Optimise are perfect for older adults and those who haven’t been active for a while.
  • C.O.R.E perhaps for the more active participant, is a combination of cardio, strength, balance and high intensity work. We have two different challenge levels for this type of session.
  • ReBuild is strength training, and only delivered from our studio.
  • Energy is as its name suggests: a cardiovascular training session where you can choose from spin or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).
  • Stretch is a lovely way to end the day, suitable for everyone but only available online.

If you are unsure about leaving your house during these crazy times, then our live online sessions could be just what you need to keep you on track.

Emotionally Fit - 1:1 Counselling for your Emotional Wellbeing

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing are equally as important as physical health. At Fit Friends we care; we know what affect a negative mindset can have not only on your daily life but also your overall health.

Emotionally Fit, our 1:1 counselling service, can help you tone up your mind, lose negative thoughts and ensure that your body and mind are functioning together as one.

Our Emotionally Fit Workshops provide insights into a range of physical and emotional health topics, helping you to live your best life.

Taster Sessions

Not sure what to expect from our Fit Friends personal training sessions?

Come and try for yourself, free of charge.

Just email or call 01509 437765.

Tell us a bit about yourself and we will find the right session for you.


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