Fit Friends Small Group Training

Only 4 people per group, led by a qualified personal trainer

Looking for small group fitness classes? If you’re in or around Loughborough and the answer is yes you’ve come to exactly the right place.

We all know that regular exercise helps us feel good, whether you want to lose weight, stay in shape, train for an event, move more easily or if  you are an older adult wanting to stay independent and strong, Fit Friends small group training sessions can help you achieve your goals.

We want to make it easy for you to achieve your health and fitness goals, so offer 27 themed training sessions each week.

We never have more than 4 people per training session, meaning everyone has maximum attention ensuring correct technique and intensity, which equals great results.

Additionally if you are a member of Fit Friends at certain times of the week you can access open gym at no extra cost.

Choose your session

‘Move It’

This total body workout, will have you burning calories and out of breath. Your PT will ensure the intensity is right for you, your technique is correct and you are using the right weights. throughout this 55 minute class.

A complete mix of cardio and strength ensures your workout is balanced, effective and fun. Our heart rate technology system is a great way to workout with the rest of the class, see how many calories you can burn, get competitive and enjoy the mix.

Free heart rate monitors are given to our members when they buy 10 credits or more.

‘Build It’

This is most definitely a strength based session, appropriate for any age or ability, your PT will correct technique, help you to select the right weights and provide any necessary alternatives.

You will leave the session feeling like your muscles have worked, over time this is the session which will help you to become strong, change your physique and become lean.

‘Keep It’

Ideal for older adults, or those who haven’t exercised for a while. This session focuses on strength, function, movement and posture.

Every session is carefully monitored to ensure you work at the right level. Keeping fit and healthy is key to staying independent.

‘Burn It’

Workout in this fun, calorie burning class, if you are looking to get fit then this is the session for you.

Primarily cardio based, using blaze pods, cycles, rowers, steps and heart rate monitors, watch your calories burn as you rock through this session.

‘Step It’

This is most definitely retro step, no ‘Les Mills or complicated moves’ just lots of fun together. 55 minutes of step routines, blended to 80s music… why not step back in time with this lively session.

’Control & stretch It’

This workout is ideal for anyone wanting more control over their body and the way they move.

Appropriate for all age groups learn how core muscles influence balance, posture and strength, improve your flexibility and balance, feel good take control of day to day life.

“Strive for progress, not perfection.”

Where we workout

In The Gym

  • Our gym is based in the centre of Loughborough
  • Only 4 people per class
  • Book online up to an hour before the class
  • Cardio, strength and some move it sessions are taken in the gym

In The Studio

  • Our studio is purpose built private space
  • Only 4 people per class
  • Book online up-to an hour before the class
  • Step, some strength, move it and control it sessions are taken in the studio.


All our members are given a free heart rate monitor if they buy 10 credits or more per month.

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