Emotionally FIT

With our professional counsellor

Are you feeling overwhelmed, or stressed-out and struggling to cope? Are these feelings making your life unbearable, or are you struggling from day-to-day? Do you think that you could benefit from a counselling and support service?

Emotional wellbeing and counselling isn’t something that you often come across attached to a local fitness gym, but here at FIT Friends we like to be a little bit different. We know that emotional wellbeing and mental health are as equally important as your physical health. We know what effect a negative mindset can have, not only on your daily life but also your overall health and general wellbeing.

We have created Emotionally FIT – our emotional and wellbeing counselling service: 1:1 counselling is available when you need it, no waiting lists. All our members can access this affordable service with a 50% discount.

Choose your session type

Face to Face

  • At our place, this space is comfortable and calming
  • Talk face to face with our counsellor
  • Challenge your negative thoughts and emotions in this safe space
  • Sessions are 50 minutes


  • A convenient way to access counselling
  • We simply send you a link to invite you to your counselling session
  • You will need access to a iPad, laptop or PC
  • Make sure you have a safe and private space to talk


  • Access your session anywhere
  • As long as you have signal on your phone then we can talk through your problems
  • You simply book your session in our diary and leave the rest to us
  • We will call you at your booked time

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