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Weight Movers

3rd May 2021

Weight loss is a topic most people are familiar with, however most people who engage in a weight loss programme struggle to keep their weight off. During lockdown we have designed a great weight loss programme using science as the basis, having invested in state of the art body scanner, we can now create the perfect weight loss programme for you.

Keep the Motivation get your Goals!!

8th February 2021

Motivation is a word used very frequently, we know we need this magic ingredient to succeed and achieve our goals. However no matter how we try motivation comes and goes, keep achieving and it stays around longer, take a dip and its no where to be found…. so how do we keep it?? Here are some littles tricks to help your motivation stay around a little bit longer!!

Vitamin vitality

15th November 2020

We all know we need vitamins but not many people know why we need them, what they do for us and how to get them.

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Carbohydrate… Friend or Foe??

25th October 2020

Carbohydrates, friend or foe?? Undoubtedly a nutrient which is often up for debate in the weight loss world, but what is it? Do we need it? How would our body function without it? These questions are very useful to ask if you are thinking of engaging in a weight loss programme involving very low carbohydrate intake.

Does Stress Affect Weight?

2nd April 2019

High and long term stressful situations have an effect on weight gain. If you can manage your stress and gain perspective on your life, the hormones which increase appetite wont take hold of you and the hormones which deposit fat in your gut will be under control… see how Fit Friends can help you manage your weight and your stress.

Fit For Summer: 12 Week Plan

19th March 2019

Fit for summer 12 week plan, In just a few focused weeks we can help you lose weight, tone up, beach ready and confident… Its fun, effective and at less than £2.70 / day won’t break the bank!

10 myths about your diet

25th January 2019

Many people use this time of year to change some aspects of their health and we are not short of hearing about diet this and diet that…
The media bombards us with information about what to eat, when to eat, how much we should eat, how many times a day, so called bad foods, so called good foods; the list is endless, not to mention confusing.
So to help you wade through the mountain of information here are some facts to help you make a start.

Nutrition Advice and Wellbeing Club Loughborough

The Dread of the January Scales

18th December 2018

Want to lose weight after an indulgent Christmas? Try our fantastic 8 week weight loss programme. Includes up to 4 small group personal training sessions per week, kick start your nutritional plan with 7 free main meals, discuss a sustainable approach to weight loss with your dedicated personal trainer. Only 10 spaces, Only £149 – Grab your place now!

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