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Keep the Motivation get your Goals!!

8th February 2021

Motivation is a word used very frequently, we know we need this magic ingredient to succeed and achieve our goals. However no matter how we try motivation comes and goes, keep achieving and it stays around longer, take a dip and its no where to be found…. so how do we keep it?? Here are some littles tricks to help your motivation stay around a little bit longer!!

Fit Friends Training

6th December 2020

The New Year might see many people wanting to take part in exercise of some description. If you are not sure what you are looking for or what you would like to achieve, why not let us help you work it out.

Vitamin vitality

15th November 2020

We all know we need vitamins but not many people know why we need them, what they do for us and how to get them.

Nutrition Advice and Wellbeing Club Loughborough

Working out is crucial for older adults

18th August 2020

Older adult exercise programmes, specifically designed so you can live an independent full life.
Putting your socks and shoes on can be a real effort as you get older, not to mention pulling jumpers on and off.
Although it might be hard to imagine at some point in our life movement and physical function become difficult, we lose strength, mobility and balance. Our Fit Friends exercise programmes are specifically designed to make life easier for you.
There is a maximum of 4 people per class and your own personal trainer who guides, encourages and motivates you through our specially designed older adult workout.

Personal Training

3rd September 2019

Personal trainers are not what they used to be, the ease of attaining credentials has diluted the profession. People often go into personal training because they thing its easy and better than nothing, rather than working at it and developing a very rewarding career.

Diane Fisher, personal trainer Loughborough