Our blog aims to give you more detailed information on different areas of fitness and nutrition, supporting you in and out of our gym space. Workout tips and recipes will have you feeling confident about your health and fitness progress, no matter your goals.

The danger of exercising for body image

30th June 2022

Taking exercise or working out to feel emotionally and physically well can be a better goal than picking one that screams body image. To recreate or change your physique is tough, it takes time and a lot of effort, however if you finish your exercise programme feeling good, positive and recharged then you have achieved your goal.

Which Workout?????

19th September 2021

Working out is part of reaching our health and fitness goals, but which workout is right for you? Have you ever considered what type of training will help you lose weight? Help you improve balance, stay independent, help you move better or stay for agile?? Deciding on your goals could help you create a weekly workout timetable designed for you to achieve…

Weight Movers

3rd May 2021

Weight loss is a topic most people are familiar with, however most people who engage in a weight loss programme struggle to keep their weight off. During lockdown we have designed a great weight loss programme using science as the basis, having invested in state of the art body scanner, we can now create the perfect weight loss programme for you.

Working out is crucial for older adults

18th August 2020

Older adult exercise programmes, specifically designed so you can live an independent full life.
Putting your socks and shoes on can be a real effort as you get older, not to mention pulling jumpers on and off.
Although it might be hard to imagine at some point in our life movement and physical function become difficult, we lose strength, mobility and balance. Our Fit Friends exercise programmes are specifically designed to make life easier for you.
There is a maximum of 4 people per class and your own personal trainer who guides, encourages and motivates you through our specially designed older adult workout.

Fit For Summer: 12 Week Plan

19th March 2019

Fit for summer 12 week plan, In just a few focused weeks we can help you lose weight, tone up, beach ready and confident… Its fun, effective and at less than £2.70 / day won’t break the bank!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) & Weight Loss

19th February 2019

Research suggests that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is better for weight loss than a longer (1.5 hours) duration aerobic workout. When tested over a 4 week period, HIIT burns 28% more fat than aerobic longer duration activity.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and weight loss loughborough

The Dread of the January Scales

18th December 2018

Want to lose weight after an indulgent Christmas? Try our fantastic 8 week weight loss programme. Includes up to 4 small group personal training sessions per week, kick start your nutritional plan with 7 free main meals, discuss a sustainable approach to weight loss with your dedicated personal trainer. Only 10 spaces, Only £149 – Grab your place now!

feet pondering weight loss loughborough

Winter Warm Ups to get your Blood Moving

7th December 2018

Feeling a bit achey in the cold? Give these Winter Warmups a go to get your blood moving and to warm you up!

winter warm ups and exercise classes loughborough