Our blog aims to give you more detailed information on different areas of fitness and nutrition, supporting you in and out of our gym space. Workout tips and recipes will have you feeling confident about your health and fitness progress, no matter your goals.

The danger of exercising for body image

30th June 2022

Taking exercise or working out to feel emotionally and physically well can be a better goal than picking one that screams body image. To recreate or change your physique is tough, it takes time and a lot of effort, however if you finish your exercise programme feeling good, positive and recharged then you have achieved your goal.

Weight Movers

3rd May 2021

Weight loss is a topic most people are familiar with, however most people who engage in a weight loss programme struggle to keep their weight off. During lockdown we have designed a great weight loss programme using science as the basis, having invested in state of the art body scanner, we can now create the perfect weight loss programme for you.

Does Stress Affect Weight?

2nd April 2019

High and long term stressful situations have an effect on weight gain. If you can manage your stress and gain perspective on your life, the hormones which increase appetite wont take hold of you and the hormones which deposit fat in your gut will be under control… see how Fit Friends can help you manage your weight and your stress.

Fit For Summer: 12 Week Plan

19th March 2019

Fit for summer 12 week plan, In just a few focused weeks we can help you lose weight, tone up, beach ready and confident… Its fun, effective and at less than £2.70 / day won’t break the bank!

What is Emotional Well Being?

5th March 2019

That’s a very good question and one that we gets asked all of the time. Our answer to the question ‘what is emotional well being?’ is that it can be described as a positive mental attitude that allows people to reach their potential, overcome challenges and enjoy life.

Positivity comes and goes, no one feels on top of the world 100% of the time;  we should embrace the variety of emotions we have and not be afraid to display them.

Feeling low, from time to time is normal and not a depressive condition;  Its more likely that you are tired, or have had a particularly heavy week, which results in feeling a little flat.


a group discussing emotional wellbeing in loughborough

Why wait until January to start a new you?

27th November 2018

You might be justifying going crazy in December “because you’ll gym every day and cut out a bunch of foods” come January. Will you stick to this? No.

What you can stick to is the realisation that fitness should be a part of your daily life and part of your NORMAL. Not one week, month, or workout plan. It needs to be something fluid that can float alongside the fun extravagances that holidays can bring.

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Cold Weather Motivation

13th November 2018

Getting enthusiastic about working out can be a challenge as the nights draw in and the weather gets colder. Fit Friends is ideal for improving motivation, working out with others, even if you don’t know your training partners provides accountability for you to turn up. Not to mention not letting down your personal trainer.

cold weather motivation and fitness classes loughborough

Developing Emotional Fitness

8th November 2018

Coping emotionally when life gets tough can be extremely difficult. We can help you develop coping strategies and build resilience. Our 4 week courses are affordable and your counsellor will listen, guide, encourage and support. There are 4 people per group and one counsellor, you can be sure that everyone is struggling with similar issues and that your sessions are completely confidential, relaxed and inclusive.

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