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Our blog aims to give you more detailed information on different areas of fitness and nutrition, supporting you in and out of our gym space. Workout tips and recipes will have you feeling confident about your health and fitness progress, no matter your goals.

Carbohydrate… Friend or Foe??

25th October 2020

Carbohydrates, friend or foe?? Undoubtedly a nutrient which is often up for debate in the weight loss world, but what is it? Do we need it? How would our body function without it? These questions are very useful to ask if you are thinking of engaging in a weight loss programme involving very low carbohydrate intake.

Working out is crucial for older adults

18th August 2020

Older adult exercise programmes, specifically designed so you can live an independent full life.
Putting your socks and shoes on can be a real effort as you get older, not to mention pulling jumpers on and off.
Although it might be hard to imagine at some point in our life movement and physical function become difficult, we lose strength, mobility and balance. Our Fit Friends exercise programmes are specifically designed to make life easier for you.
There is a maximum of 4 people per class and your own personal trainer who guides, encourages and motivates you through our specially designed older adult workout.

Personal Training

3rd September 2019

Personal trainers are not what they used to be, the ease of attaining credentials has diluted the profession. People often go into personal training because they thing its easy and better than nothing, rather than working at it and developing a very rewarding career.

Diane Fisher, personal trainer Loughborough

The Weight Loss War: It’s all in the planning!

24th May 2019

The weight loss war, is a modern day phenomenon, everyone is on a diet or tackling their weight issues. Here at Fit Friends we have the right plan to help you win and achieve your weight loss goals!

Fitter 4 Longer

11th May 2019

Ageing might not be desirable, but it is inevitable, staying fitter for longer can help you reverse the effects of ageing. Here at Fit Friends we design the right programme for you, give you a private studio to workout in and a personal trainer to ensure you workout safely and effectively.

Does Stress Affect Weight?

2nd April 2019

High and long term stressful situations have an effect on weight gain. If you can manage your stress and gain perspective on your life, the hormones which increase appetite wont take hold of you and the hormones which deposit fat in your gut will be under control… see how Fit Friends can help you manage your weight and your stress.

Fit For Summer: 12 Week Plan

19th March 2019

Fit for summer 12 week plan, In just a few focused weeks we can help you lose weight, tone up, beach ready and confident… Its fun, effective and at less than £2.70 / day won’t break the bank!

What is Emotional Well Being?

5th March 2019

That’s a very good question and one that we gets asked all of the time. Our answer to the question ‘what is emotional well being?’ is that it can be described as a positive mental attitude that allows people to reach their potential, overcome challenges and enjoy life.

Positivity comes and goes, no one feels on top of the world 100% of the time;  we should embrace the variety of emotions we have and not be afraid to display them.

Feeling low, from time to time is normal and not a depressive condition;  Its more likely that you are tired, or have had a particularly heavy week, which results in feeling a little flat.


a group discussing emotional wellbeing in loughborough