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Are you looking for a personal fitness trainer? Are you looking for group fitness training classes? If you’re in Loughborough and the answer is yes for either or both of these questions, you’ve come to exactly the right place.

Here at Fit Friends, we can look after your physical fitness and general wellbeing with our pay as you go, small group fitness training classes, with a dedicated personal fitness trainer at our Loughborough fitness studio.

We all know that regular exercise helps us feel good. Whether you want or need to lose weight and or stay in shape; with one of our dedicated and attentive personal trainers, you can workout your way with Fit Friends and our small group personal training fitness sessions.

With never more than four people including yourself in a fitness class, your personal trainer will ensure you workout safely and effectively, helping you to work as hard as you like in each session, in order to achieve your own personal health and fitness goals. If however, there’s a group of you, whether it be friends, family or colleagues, we also offer private personal training sessions tailor made whatever your group goals are. Just click here to find out more.

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Choose as many group fitness training sessions as you like

Each week there are 40 small group personal training sessions, scattered throughout the day. It’s easy – just select the times that suit you and build a fantastic, varied fitness regime.

Why not take a look at our timetable and start your fitness training programme now.

Ready for anything

You never know when life might become mentally tough or challenging, and your emotional health is just as important as your physical health. For this reason we have a range of free counselling options built into our plans, as well as mindset and behaviour-change workshops.

Change your mind about wellbeing, and look at our affordable packages and plans today.

Our Pay-as-you-go Fitness Training & Wellbeing Options

Description Price Purchase
Buy 5 Off-Peak Credits Can be used for any “Me Time” or “Fitter for Longer” sessions. Valid for 1 month. £40.00
Buy 4 Credits Buy 4 Credits that can be used for any session £40.00 (credits valid for 4 weeks from date of purchase)
Buy 1 Credit Just visiting… one credit can be used for any session. £12.50
Healthy Mind Workshops 2 hour workshops on specific topics – see our timetable of events. £20.00

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